Spice things up with an escort in your bedroom

Very often, people get into a routine in the bedroom which becomes boring and somewhat robotic. Therefore, a little help is sometimes needed to break you out of that routine and to make sex and foreplay exciting once more, for all parties. If you have not tried one, or more, of the suggestions we have for you below to spice things up in the bedroom, then tonight is certainly the night to do so! 

We will start of our list of ideas to spice things up in the bedroom with something rather simple yet effective: Make eye contact with your partner. Very often you find that people look away from each other, and this makes the whole act of sex extremely impersonal for anyone involved. When things are next getting sexual in the sheets, try initiating eye contact with your playmate and if they don’t really respond, or seem a little nervous, then a simple ‘look at me’ command is sure to make things very sexy! 

A change of scenery is also something to spice things up in the bedroom… although, this might not necessarily mean that you are going to be having fun in the bedroom at all tonight! 

Have a look around the house and see what other places could be good to have sex with your playmate in – A rug, a sofa, kitchen work top, the stairs… All of these places will make only certainly positions possible also, naturally getting you out of your standard vanilla routine, while making everything seem more exciting and erotic. For sure, sometimes the best way of all to spice things up in the bedroom is to get out of the bedroom altogether! 

Exploring a new side of yourself and your partner, is always going to be an excellent way to spice things up for you both – and it allows you to get to know each other a little more, by discovering more of your likes, loves and dislikes. If one of you is used to taking the lead, sit back and let the other partner be the more dominant one for a change. This mix up of sensations, is sure to spice things up for the both of you. 

Of course, changes of scenery, role and a little eye contact, are all things that are going to make sex and foreplay much more enjoyable for the both of you. However, also trying a new position here and there is going to keep things just as interesting! Why not play a little game with your partner; every night before you start to initiate sex, encompass searching for a new sex position into your foreplay and whatever one you both agree on, try it out!